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Chip Sealing Is An Alternative To Dallas Asphalt Resurfacing

Chip sealing

Chip sealing is a life-saver to companies and residences that need paving done in a pinch. If your Dallas project needs paving done well on a budget, East Tex Paving has you covered!

Chip sealing is a process in which aggregate and asphalt are coated in binding and other stones are rolled over the asphalt. East Tex Paving is more than happy to help with asphalt paving for Dallas, but consider chip sealing as an alternative if you need paving that's:

  • More affordable than repaving with asphalt
  • More colorful than asphalt, depending on the rocks chosen
  • Cooler than asphalt, with lighter stones chosen
  • And rougher than asphalt, making for a road with more traction

Chip Sealing Is A Cheap Alternative

On a budget but tired of your old road or driveway? Consider chip sealing for your Dallas property instead of repaving. At East Tex Paving, we will help you find exactly what you need for your property!

Chip sealing your driveway will protect it as surely as sealcoating will, and for a fraction of the coast! Asphalt paving and repair are our specialties, but at East Tex Paving we have the tools you need for any job!

Chip Sealing May Be The Right Choice For Your Lighter Traffic Surfaces

East Tex Asphalt has experience with chipsealing work from walks and paths to rural roads, and more.

Chip sealing is becoming an increasingly more popular option for homeowners in Dallas. While not as durable as cement options, lower traffic surfaces like residential driveways and walking paths are ideal candidates for chip seal paving.

Chip seal is a lower-cost option when you want a fast installation for your driveways or paved pathways.

We are here and ready to get your chipsealing projects and jobs done the right way and keep you on schedule and on budget. We have the know-how and tools to help you build or improve your home or business with experienced and efficient workmanship.

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Chip Sealing in Mesquite, TX

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