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New Concrete Driveways For Dallas Homeowners

Concrete driveways

East Tex Paving is your best choice for concrete driveways in Dallas. Concrete driveways are a stylish choice for coloring a beautifying your property.

East Tex Paving is not only your premiere choice for asphalt paving in Dallas but also the concrete driveway pros! Concrete driveways nearly pay for themselves because:

  • They are more durable than asphalt, lasting up to 30 years
  • They are more colorful than asphalt
  • Absorbs fewer UV rays than asphalt, making them cooler in the summer
  • And they are easier to clean

Choose East Tex Paving Every Time

Dallas deserves the best concrete driveway professionals on the job. That's East Tex Paving, no question!

Some believe that concrete driveways don't need to be maintained like asphalt driveways, but that is not exactly right. Concrete driveways need professional sealcoating at least every 4 to 5 years to protect from water damage and loss of color.

Concrete Driveway Care To Keep Your Property Looking Its Best

Concrete driveways are complex projects. Understanding the appropriate grade, surface preparation, and concrete materials themselves are key to creating a concrete driveway that will withstand constant exposure to the elements and the stress of vehicle traffic.

When surfaces are inadequately prepared, you can have drainage problems or premature concrete damage.

Our skilled concrete professionals assess every new driveway project on an individual basis.

Caring For Your Concrete Driveways

While concrete parking pads and driveways are very resilient, you aren't done after your new concrete is poured. Our concrete driveway professionals can help you to maintain your finished driveways so that they continue to look great for years to come. From minor concrete repairs to pouring new driveways, we'll help you to identify the best way to care for your Dallas property.

When you choose the pros at East Tex Asphalt, you know you have a trusted Dallas professional - ready to help you with your new concrete driveway or existing concrete driveway damage repair.

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