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Crushed Asphalt For Your Dallas Road Or Lot Construction Needs

Crushed asphalt

Crushed asphalt is perfect for whatever your construction needs may be. From filling the foundation of a new Dallas building to simply reheating the asphalt and paving a new road.

Crushed asphalt is the most recycled material in the States! It is useful for:

  • Forming the foundations of buildings
  • Being recycled into asphalt roads and lots again
  • Driveway, road, and lot resurfacing using a chipseal
  • Gravel and other path-making
  • And more!

We Never Leave A Job Incomplete

At East Texas Paving, we pride ourselves on wasting nothing. For whatever building or paving project you're doing in Dallas, we have enough crushed asphalt to see it through to completion!

If asphalt paving is too expensive for your current budget, crushed asphalt can help you go over your driveway or lot with a cheaper chipseal.

East Tex Paving is ready to help with anything from asphalt paving in the Dallas area to grade work to professional-grade pothole repair. If you have pavement problems, we have pavement solutions!

Crushed Asphalt For Temporary Roads And Low Cost Paving Projects

You have options when it comes to preparing permanent or temporary pathways. Sometimes called "recycled asphalt," crushed asphalt is a very strong material. It works very well in the Texas heat and humidity. Aside from being low maintenance, it is such a resilient material that crushed asphalt is also used in new hot asphalt mixes.

On rural properties or low-impact residential properties, crushed asphalt can be used in driveways, additional parking spots, walking paths, private sidewalks, and more.

Gravel And Crushed Asphalt For Mud-Free Roads

For longer stretches of area that could normally just be dirt or gravel roads, crushed asphalt can be used to reduce dust kick-up and mud. We use a top layer of crushed asphalt to help with grading and sealing those pathways.

There are many ways that we can uniquely apply crushed asphalt to your property to create lower cost but still durable foot traffic or driving spaces. Contact our professional crew today to discuss option to utilize crushed asphalt on your next paving project.

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