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Frequently Asked Asphalt Paving Questions - Answered By East Tex Asphalt

For your convenience, we have put together our most frequently asked questions to try to answer them all in one place!

What's The Difference Between Your "Chip Sealing" and "Sealcoating" Services?

Sealcoating is a process in which a finished asphalt paving is coated in a spray or material to protect the binding agents in the asphalt. It must be applied every few years to keep the bonds tight as the asphalt ages.

Chip sealing is an alternative to basic asphalt paving, one that creates a rougher texture and is generally cheaper than completely replacing the asphalt. A chip sealing job is started with a layer of asphalt, but smoothed stones are rolled and set into place on top of it.

Will You Work With Commercial Property Owners?

We will happily work with commercial property owners! Commercial asphalt paving needs to be done just as well as residential paving. East Tex Paving is ready for every sort of asphalt paving in Dallas!

How Fast Does Your Pothole Repairs Services Work?

Our paving contractors will arrive at the pothole as soon as possible once the client has reached out to us. However, after the experts from East Tex Paving finish filling the pothole, it can take anywhere from 12-36 hours before the pothole can be driven over.

Can You Assist With Preparing My Surfaces For Concrete & Asphalt?

We specialize in grade work to prepare your property for concrete pouring or asphalt paving. Experienced paving contractors know that if the foundation of a project is uneven, the slope of the asphalt or concrete will damage the project down the line.

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