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Dallas Grade Work Specialists - Here To Ensure Superior Finished Concrete & Curbs

Grade work

We at East Tex Paving are the grade work experts you should trust in Dallas and beyond. Our people are professionals at everything from concrete driveways to asphalt paving, but our expertise in those fields would mean nothing if the ground wasn't level!

You should hire the grade work experts if you are considering regrading or repaving. Don't leave the levelness of your property to chance with amateurs! Uneven ground can:

  • Cause water damage to your asphalt
  • Distort your asphalt or cement
  • And otherwise, interfere with construction projects or ease of movement

Offering Asphalt Paving Along With Grading

There isn't a better group of grade work professionals in Dallas than East Tex Paving! We may be the Dallas asphalt paving experts, but even the best asphalt road won't get you anywhere if it isn't built right from the ground up!

Need your lot or driveway leveled out? Call East Tex Paving, the grade work pros!

Quality Grade Work Is An Absolute Necessity For Any Asphalt Project

We offer quality craftsmanship with professional asphalt grade work and finishing.

Without the skills of a professional who truly understands grade work, your paving and asphalt projects may suffer durability and longevity problems.

Only when you use the appropriate tools and tactics to ensure proper grade can you truly have a walking path or driveway that will survive constant exposure to the elements and the stress of heavy traffic.

We know every job starts with the right preparation. Our experienced grade work professionals will assess your job's needs and make the recommendations necessary to complete a perfect project every single time.

The Right Pros With The Right Tools For Top-Notch Grade Work

East Tex Asphalt brings the right equipment and skilled tradesmen to every project we do. We specialize in solutions to give you a firm walk way, sturdy driveway, durable curbs and drainage, and so much more.

We are ready for projects of any size and scope and will work to keep your project on schedule and budget.

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