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Terrell Asphalt Paving Services You Can Depend On

Terrell asphalt paving

Any major town has enough traffic to require keeping a few asphalt paving companies, but there is always one that rises to the top. In Terrell, that asphalt paving company is East Tex Paving. At East Tex Paving, we pride ourselves on our history of excellent service and our affordable asphalt assistance.

We Do Asphalt Repairs For Terrell

Asphalt repairs make up a large number of our day-to-day calls. We are proud to help the people of Terrell with pothole repair, asphalt driveway replacement, and many of our other construction services. Call today for a quote on your asphalt needs!

East Tex Paving Knows Sealcoating Better Than Anyone

We do more than asphalt paving for Terrell! The roads hold the town together, and our professionally handled sealcoating holds the roads together.

Without proper sealcoating and maintenance, asphalt would fall apart because of UV rays and water damage. Trust the sealcoating pros at East Tex Paving to hold your community together, lot by lot, road by road.

East Tex Paving: we level the playing field!

If you want your asphalt surface to last for several years and keep its beautiful surface, then we recommend seal-coating. This will guard your asphalt surface from all harmful components, including moisture, dirt, grease, oil, oxidation, and the ongoing weight from automobiles.

Seal-Coating will ensure that your surface will easily last for 15-20 years. This will save you money in repairs, maintenance, and replacement. We suggest that you apply seal-coat to the surface at least once every 4-6 years.

Asphalt Paving Service For Terrell

In Terrell, there are multiple functions for asphalt paving. Both home and business owners utilize asphalt for building parking lots, driveways, walkways, curbs, ramps, and speed bumps. With all the different uses, it's important to find a company that does all types of jobs.

That's why customers in Terrell love our service. We offer a full-service asphalt paving service that does it all. We cover every step of paving from start to finish.

Call today for a quote, Terrell!

Reviews & Testimonials on East Tex Asphalt in Terrell, TX

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