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East Tex Asphalt Is Tyler's Top-Rated Asphalt Paving Services

Tyler asphalt paving

Asphalt is something you don't think about on a daily basis, but every day your pavement wears out just a little bit more. Protect your Tyler property by working with our asphalt paving professionals. Don't let your asphalt driveway or road give out before you say so!

We Do Asphalt Repairs For Tyler

We at East Tex Paving are the perfect paving partners to help you seal cracks in your driveway, level out ground for your new parking lot, or even just figure out how much replacing your asphalt will cost.

If there's a job that involves asphalt in Tyler, it's a job that should involve East Tex Paving and our excellent paving contractors!

East Tex Asphalt is a trusted and well-known asphalt company in Texas. Both business owners and homeowners come to us for a wide range of asphalt jobs. We provide consistent quality service that is affordable and fast.

We provide innovative solutions for all your asphalt needs. We provide service to all types of properties, including schools, businesses, homes, hospitals, government buildings, public and private properties, streets, and so much more.

We have built a reputation as a hard-working company that people trust. For a professional clean finish, contact East Tex Asphalt. We are your asphalt specialists.

East Tex Paving Knows Sealcoating Better Than Anyone

From chip sealing to concrete driveways, from asphalt paving to sealcoating, East Tex Paving has all the asphalt knowledge and the experience Tyler needs to stay ahead of the curve on asphalt maintenance! Sealcoating is our greatest weapon in this fight, sealing in the bonds and aggregate for years to keep your roads flexible and durable.

Trust the professionals at East Tex Paving to protect your investment in asphalt with an expert in charge of your sealcoating job!

Asphalt Paving For Tyler Properties

When it comes to paving your property, it's important that you find a company that provides a product that is both durable and attractive.

Since asphalt by nature is black and messy, then providing a clean, smooth finish gives your home or business curb appeal rather than a shabby look. We provide asphalt products that are durable, attractive with a clean, professional appearance that will attract all your clients or guests.

We use the highest quality grade asphalt that will last for years to come. We clear out the old asphalt, deliver and pour the new asphalt, and then grade and level it out for a smooth finish every time.

Call today for a quote, Tyler!

Reviews & Testimonials on East Tex Asphalt in Tyler, TX

There are currently no reviews or testimonials for Tyler, TX. Check back soon!

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