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Dallas Pothole Repairs To Quickly & Efficiently Remedy Hazardous Concrete

Pothole repairs

Are you plagued by pothole repairs that won't last? Call East Tex Paving to take care of your pothole repair in the Dallas area.

Potholes are formed when water leaks through cracks in pavement and erodes a hollow space beneath the asphalt. As asphalt ages and seals wear off, potholes and pothole repair become an unavoidable part of the asphalt lifecycle.

But it doesn't have to be difficult! Here at East Tex Paving, we can help you with your pothole repairs, not just asphalt paving.

Making Our Streets Safe To Drive On

There isn't a better company in Dallas that can help you with pothole repairs! Don't settle for throw-and-roll pothole repair! Trust the professionals to handle spray injection, edge sealing, or even full-depth roadway pothole repair.

Your roads and lots deserve clear and smooth. Don't let an amateur simply add some binding and an aggregate into the pothole and call it repaired!

East Tex Paving offers the best asphalt paving in Dallas, with other services from selling crushed asphalt to custom concrete driveways only sweetening the deal!

Professional Pothole Patching Service in Dallas

If you begin to notice sections of your asphalt surface that are cracking, missing, or loose, then it's time to contact East Tex Asphalt. We specialize in small repair jobs.

With our service, we can restore any surface efficiently. Our experienced team of asphalt professionals can handle any pothole repair job, no matter how large or small.

Whether you are a home or business owner in Dallas, we do all types of work for residential and commercial properties of all sizes. We have built a reputation as a professional premier asphalt repair company.

Pothole Patching Service Made Simple

We provide a no-hassle, patch service for all properties and all types of repairs.

We clear or cut away the damaged areas, fill in those areas with fresh new asphalt mixture, grade, and level out the site, and then complete the job with a smooth finish that is even with the rest of the current asphalt.

We also provide other finishing services such as re-striping and seal-coating to give the new sections a good surface finish.

Comprehensive Pothole Patching Start To Finish

We provide complete pothole patching service for all business and residential properties, including homes, large facilities, small businesses, government buildings, schools, factories, streets, parking lots, ramps, and so much more.

Whatever type of service you need, we have both the equipment and a qualified team of professionals that can handle any type of job. Whether you have one pothole or many repair issues, we patch all asphalt surfaces and restore your property back to looking new again.

In addition to cut & patch, we also provide complete asphalt repair and replacement. We can upgrade that old asphalt surface with brand new asphalt. Contact us and visit our website today to find out about all the options available to you.

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