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Sealcoating Is A Cost-Effective Way To Care For Your Dallas Pavement


Sealcoating is the most important part of making sure your asphalt stays in one piece. Dallas deserves the sealcoating professionals at East Tex Paving to secure its roads.

As time passes, your asphalt will be battered by water, vehicle oil, and UV rays will break down the bonding element in asphalt and chip away at your asphalt paving.

Sealcoating comes in a few varieties:

  • Coal-based sealants are
  • Acrylic-based sealants
  • Weaker oil-based sealants
  • And many other varieties

Protecting Your Asphalt In Any Season

There are no better sealcoating professionals in Dallas than East Tex Paving. When you are working with us, your future is sealed.

Redoing Dallas asphalt paving can be a chore with all the heavy sunlight from the summer weather. Repair and replace your asphalt less often with the sealcoating experts at East Tex Paving!

Also consider chip sealing with us, for rougher, cheaper roads made from recycled asphalt and stones!

Ultimate Protection

Even the most durable and well-laid asphalt needs protection. There are several elements that can break down asphalt and cause it to deteriorate quickly. Oxidation, moisture, sunlight, extreme temperatures, oil, grease, and, of course, impact weight from automobiles all work against asphalt and keep it from retaining its composition and vibrancy. Sealcoating provides the best defense against all of these destructive components and gives your asphalt long life.

Regardless of how old or new your current asphalt is, it's never too late to apply a sealcoat barrier. Our sealcoat service is fast, dependable, and affordable. Contact us today to protect your asphalt surface.

Sealcoating: A Wise Investment

It's simple math. You can either spend a little to get ultimate protection or spend hundreds or even thousands on major repairs or total asphalt replacement. The difference is how well you protect the asphalt surface on your property.

With proper care and maintenance, the average driveway will last up to 20 years. Although there are other variables involved, the key factor is in how well it's maintained. We recommend a fresh new layer of seal coat every 4-6 years. This will ensure that your asphalt is well-protected from all the elements.

We Are the Sealcoat Professionals

Since asphalt surfaces are a major investment into your home or business, it's important to hire a company that can adequately take care of your asphalt.

East Tex Paving provides a number of maintenance services for all residential and commercial properties in the Dallas area. Our team of asphalt specialists are qualified to handle any asphalt surface and any application.

Not only can we help you protect your surface; we can also identify any issues with the asphalt and provide other maintenance services such as repairs, cut & patch, and even total replacement.

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